The Stars of the Night Sky is the debut novel by 11-year-old Sky Bradford. It is an all-action, interstellar romp on a tiny planet in a galaxy faraway.


Aimed at young readers from ages 7-11, The Stars of the Night Sky will have you gripped to your seat from start to finish. Fabulously illustrated by Natalie Starr (also 11!) this is a must-have book for all younger book lovers. 


On the planet of Star2, the evil Night Owl has risen from 1000 years of banishment. Not only are the Starnosian people under threat, but so are all living beings in the whole universe. Only one person can save everyone...unfortunately, Charlotte Dazzle doesn't know it yet!


“‘The Stars of the Night Sky’ is an utterly captivating read from beginning to end made all the more amazing by the fact that the author isn’t even a teenager yet! Sky Bradford is definitely a name to look out for.” - Dougie Brimson, author and screenwriter (Green Street, Top Dog)

The Stars of the Night Sky by Sky Bradford