The Fab Four Peacocks return for Christmas!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Deal's famous, flamboyant birds star in the second book of the peacock series.

Four Peacocks at Christmas is the brand new picture book by Rebecca Murphy and Joseph Harris starring the famous four peacocks of Deal. The beautiful brothers have returned and this time there is Christmas shopping to do!

The book is packed with fantastic illustrations taking the reader on a poetic jaunt into their local town (Deal, Kent, UK). The birds have Christmas shopping to do and pop to the shops on the High Street where they are greeted by shopkeepers with glee. When Crystal and Prince decide to fly off to see the bright lights of the city they find that the people do not smile as they should! The worried birds get trapped under scuttling, scuffling feet on the busy city streets.

Can the brave peacocks escape? And who could possibly come to their aid?

Find out in this magical Christmas tale, suitable for children aged between 1 and 101.

Four Peacocks at Christmas is available from in a limited edition Hardback (£19.99) and in Paperback (£12.99)

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