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Four Peacocks go to Town

'Four peacocks go to town' is the new book by Rebecca Murphy and Joseph Harris. It is a charming tale, set in 'Lockdown Britain', based on a true story. With over 40 fabulous illustrations and a delightful poetic story, this is the perfect book for children and adults alike.

Four Peacocks Go To Town_front cover.jpg

'In a garden, in a quiet country village

lived four peacocks with magnificent plumage:

Victor, Prince, Crystal and Gulliver;

a majestic, iridescent band of brothers.'

About the Four Peacocks

During the Corona Virus 'Lockdown' of March/April 2020, the seaside town of Deal in Kent played host to four fantastic visitors.

Victor, Prince, Gulliver and Crystal (also known as Blanche) paraded through the streets, along the promenade and through the whole town. For seven weeks the flamboyant peacocks kept the 'holed up' people of Deal entertained with their amazing adventures. 

The beautiful boys were a ray of light in dark times. They made the national and local press and got their own Facebook page; their adventures in Deal will always be synonymous with the lockdown. The boys were eventually captured and safely returned to their home in Sholden. 

Watch the video of Four Peacocks Go To Town read by Joseph Harris.


"These four wandering peacocks will introduce you to a seaside of delights. I can't wait to read it to my grandchildren"

"Thank you for this lovely book. I'll be sure to show the world how proud we are to own it. With love, light and peace."

"Its beautiful and intensely vibrant illustrations are captivating. So cleverly written, giving us the gift to always remember this most unusual time."